Holding Off on Mountain Lion

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With much fanfare, Apple released version 10.8 of the OS X platform, named Mountain Lion. While there are many features and functions in ML that are great, I’m holding off for a bit. Here’s why:

First, it’s brand new. Apple has become much like Microsoft in producing OS software that isn’t quite ready for prime time right out of the gate. There are generally a few highly annoying issues that launch with new OS X versions. Luckily, Apple does fix them quite quickly, and within 30-60 days after release there will be 10.8.1 to address them. So I’m waiting for that release.

Secondly, a large portion of ML was written to merge with iOS 6, which isn’t yet available outside of the Apple iOS Developer Program. So until I have what is seen as “the other half” of OS X 10.8, there’s no real reason for me to rush to upgrade.

I’m definitely looking forward to Mountain Lion. The Notifications system, next generation Messages client and a few other features are big for me, and I’ll happily upgrade in the very near future. I’m just not ready to leap on the bandwagon yet. When the first major patch is out, and iOS 6 is ready to roll, I’ll be downloading ML from the App Store and will be writing what is – I’m sure – the first of many blog posts on it for you then.

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