Yeah, I’m back on Facebook

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Well now, that didn’t last long.

After totally removing my Facebook presence not that long ago. I began to realize that I did, indeed, need a Facebook account.

Here’s why I made the decision to come back:

– Everything requires it these days. So many different sites use Facebook as their main signin/login methodology, not having a FB account made it very difficult to use a ton of services on the web.

– People couldn’t find me. Believe it or not, there are many folks who use FB as a way to find people they’re trying to get in touch with. That may be searching for my blogs, or just trying to reach out to me about various topics. And so, it’s become like having a listing in the old-school phone book.

But, I’m doing things differently this time:

– You’ll see there is almost no information about me on FB. I’ve purposely kept my profile clear of anything but the most public information about me, and I won’t post anything there that isn’t set up for the whole world to see anyway.

– I rarely do anything there. My Tweets do get posted there, and blogs will shortly show up there, but that’s it. No more games, updates, location check-ins, or anything else that isn’t just a cross-post. I *may* make a comment or two, if I’m feeling really moved to do so.

So, I’m just using FB as a digital phone book and a single-sign-on for various sites around the web. It’s a good compromise for a necessary evil like FB, even if I still do hate the company. I’ll give them the absolute bare minimum required to “pay” for their service, and that’s all.

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