Sharing is Caring!

This site is the home page for Mike Talon, a blogger and geek.  Partly Cloudy, known to do security things, work-from-home Astronaut.

Currently, he lives in NYC; though he ends up traveling a lot.

Mike has been published in online and offline trade publications, and is a former columnist for TechRepublic, the Association of Internet Professionals, and others.

Though usually found working on various Mac desktops and laptops, and Windows Servers; he’s the first to admit that no OS is perfect.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys playing console games and MMO’s (PC and Mac), meeting up with friends in the offline world, and generally learning to live in interesting times.

He also loves all small, furry creatures, and yes, that includes those caterpillars that you see which are – while creepy – still small, furry, and creatures.

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